How a tweet could ruin a family

Sticking together: Swans co-captain Kieren Jack pictured with his partner of three years, Charlotte Goodlet. (Image source: Popsugar)

In a day and age consumed by social media nothing is too far out of reach for the public eye, as proven once again this week. 

When news broke regarding a feud between Sydney Swans co-captain Kieren Jack and his family on Monday, there was no surprise to see many media outlets scrambling to dig deeper to uncover the issue.

Surely, it’s a fascinating story, but do AFL players come under so much scrutiny now that even the most private stories can become newsworthy? Apparently so.

It’s a disappointing situation when you consider the elements of the story.

A private family matter has escalated into a national story, and it’s due to a mother’s careless post on social media.

On Monday, Jack’s mother, Donna Jack, scolded her son in a post over Twitter, stating how disappointed his parents were after he told them that he did not want them to attend his 200th AFL game against Geelong at Simonds Stadium, on Friday.

“@kjack_15 so sad. Dad 200RL you 200 AFL & you don’t want us there, your parents. No appreciation for all the yrs helping you get there.”

It’s understood his mother, and also his father, NRL great Garry Jack, were both left shocked and upset regarding the situation.

It’s seems that tensions have finally reached boiling point in the Jack camp, with rumours that the family has had ongoing issues for the past 12 months, with most of the disagreement centring around his parents disapproval of his girlfriend of three years, Charlotte Goodlet.

What’s more disappointing about the story however, is the fact that it is a story to start with.

When an issue so private and close to home becomes public the repercussions can be awful for the parties involved.

We’ve already seen some of the backlash, with Jack’s parents both being heavily criticized over the past few days regarding the dispute.

Whether the criticism is warranted or not, these are the type of stories that once made public, can tear a family part and it’s clearly an unhealthy position for a family to be placed into.

A week that is supposed to be one of the more enjoyable of Jack’s career has sharply turned into a whirlwind of chaos for him and his girlfriend.

Goodlet, a model and channel nine producer has remained tight-lipped on the issue whilst Jack has openly announced his support for his partner.

Jack is also supporting his youngest brother Brandon, also a Swans player, who has sided with his older brother over the feud. 

Speaking to media at the SCG yesterday, Jack did not want to go into too much detail regarding the dispute, understandably trying to keep the issue a private matter.

“What I will say is my priorities of support are firmly with my partner and my little brother, who I love and care for very much,” Jack said.

Perhaps the only worse thing about the current situation is how largely the story has been blown out of proportion since it first broke this week, and whether it is morally correct to be debating such an issue that should clearly have been left private.

This story is a private family matter that shouldn’t have made headlines; regardless of who’s in the wrong. Hopefully the Jack’s are able to patch things up. 

It’s safe to say, however, that Donna Jack may hesitate before taking to Twitter to post another comment in haste anytime again soon.

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