LaVar boasts, as Lonzo balls

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 11.02.42 pm
A vocal presence: LaVar Ball (L) enjoys talking up his son Lonzo (R). (Photo(s) credit: Bruinsnation/Complex)

Parents in sport, many of them are outspoken, perhaps none more so than LaVar Ball. 

Another week, another LaVar Ball controversy. It currently has the feel of a never-ending merry-go-round in which LaVar dangles a carrot, and the media takes a massive bite.

Such is the controversy of a man who is arguably now more famous than his son. A hard-earned feat considering his son looks set to be a high pick in this year’s NBA Draft.

What is more astounding though, is despite his father’s continual bragging, Lonzo continues to just take care of business during this year’s NCAA tournament.

Regardless of how high his father thinks his ceiling is, there is no denying the young man’s ability to consistently perform during the media fiasco surrounding him.

Lonzo looks to be oozing a calmness that makes you assume he’s incredibly used to this behaviour from his controversial father.

Ball has been immensely important in helping UCLA contend for a title this season during ‘March Madness’, and his performances don’t reflect a man who has seemingly had a huge weight of expectation placed on his shoulders.

After all, according to LaVar, he (Lonzo) is a better shooter than Steph Curry. Let’s also not forget Lonzo would have a greater impact on the Lakers than Magic Johnson did if taken by them in the draft this year, according to his outspoken father.

Is it LaVar’s belief in his son or just pure arrogance that breeds this?

Whether it be arrogance, or confidence in Lonzo’s ability, LaVar knows how to market his children, and undoubtedly wants nothing more than success for his sons.

Not only Lonzo, but also his younger brothers Li Angelo and LaMelo, who will look to follow in Lonzo’s footsteps at UCLA.

This week saw LaVar go head-to-head with sports commentator Stephen A. Smith on ESPN’s program First Take; which included LaVar stating that he believes he himself would have beaten Michael Jordan in a one-on-one contest.

“In my hey day he would need help, he’s too small…” Ball said to the First Take panel on Friday.

“One-on-one (I’m) undefeated, never lost.”

It’s not often ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is lost for words, but Ball’s answers and attitude seemed to have Smith somewhat dumbfounded for most of the conversation turned argument.

When fellow First Take panellist Max Kellerman questioned LaVar as to whether or not his family have ever asked him to temper his boastful attitude, LaVar’s response was an almost in-defiant “no”.

One facet we do know LaVar excels at however, is getting the media riled up and talking about his son.

After all, it was only earlier in March that LaVar stated how hard it is going to be for LeBron James’ children, aged twelve and nine, to live up to their father’s stardom. A comment that King James has recently returned fire at.

LaVar doesn’t seem to know how to take a backwards step when it comes to promoting Lonzo or himself.

Regardless of where Lonzo gets drafted this year ahead of the 2017/18 NBA season, its highly likely everyone will be continuing to hear a lot more from LaVar Ball.

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