Does Bernard Tomic actually want us to dislike him?

Bernard Tomic looks on following his loss to Croatia’s Marin Cilic. (Photo by: Getty Images)

It’s unfortunate, but Bernard Tomic’s biggest serve didn’t come during a game at this year’s Australian Open, instead it came in the hours after his straight sets loss to Marin Cilic on Monday.

Again Tomic’s making headlines for the wrong reasons. When taking questions during his post-match press conference, Tomic saw the opportunity to reopen some old wounds, this time slamming former great and Davis Cup captain Lleyton Hewitt.

“No one likes him anymore,” Tomic said .

“We don’t want to play anymore, he’s ruined the system.”

Tomic accused Hewitt of promoting certain players, claiming that some of the players handed wildcards for the grand slam are “under his wing” and that it’s all done for his own financial gain.

The press conference saw the trademark Tomic approach, he sat side on to his audience, looked slightly disinterested and instead of discussing his first-round exit, deflected attention elsewhere.

We shouldn’t expect anything different, after all, it was only this time last year that Tomic wasn’t playing tennis, he was instead in the jungle on reality show I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here; where he also made an early exit.

This is the same man who said he was “bored“ at Wimbledon, before telling his critics that they should go and dream about their dream home and dream cars, whilst he goes and buys them.

Hard to imagine why he’s not very well liked, right?

Unfortunately, it’s almost like he wants people to dislike him, and it’s hard to see him changing.

Eight Australians progressed through on day one of the Australian Open, yet Tomic’s comments were the biggest talking point.

The majority are intelligent enough to take Bernard’s comments with a grain of salt, however, this time he’s made big claims against Tennis Australia and Hewitt, and it will be mandatory for Tennis Australia to address them.

Despite his polarizing ways, Tomic’s comments have to be taken on face value, and only those on the inside will be able to shed light on the statement.

Either way Bernard’s exit from the first-round of the Australian Open won’t upset too many Australians, because the reality is, no one likes him either.

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