A novice’s impression on the world of sport

Edition #1

My word, what an enthralling last few weeks it has been.

Richmond are AFL premiers once again, and like it or loathe it, it feels appropriate, they are a magnificent team and are a very worthy winner, I’ll divulge on this a little later on.

We’ve seen the Los Angeles Lakers take home an NBA Championship, delivering LeBron James his fourth NBA title and championship ring, a ring that I believe his legacy is incredibly deserving of – I’d love to see him win a fifth ring too. 

The confetti was still falling when LeBron reached for the microphone and told the world how he wants more respect, I kind of don’t blame him, but found it odd for him to say it – he’s only human after all, you can’t tell me all the ridicule he receives wouldn’t affect him in some way or another. 

Rafael Nadal won the French Open, shock horror am I right?! They should re-name it the Nadal Open at this point, is there honestly any incentive for other player’s to turn up? I suppose he has to beat someone.. 

The more fascinating aspect of that grand slam was the victor of the women’s draw, with un-seeded 19-year-old Iga Swiatek defeating world number 4 Sofia Kenin. I don’t know much about Polish Swiatek, in fact if I’m brutally honest, I’d never heard of her prior to winning the tournament, but I do love when a budding star bursts on to the scene.

My fascination with Formula One continues to grow, I sit here writing this with one eye on the clock, as the countdown to the Portuguese Grand Prix continues. 

I love Daniel Ricciardo, you would be hard-pressed to come across a sportsperson with more charisma, he’s bloody brilliant at what he does and he’s Australian, what’s not to like?

This season has seen Riccardo lift his team Renault to a podium finish, whilst he’s also fourth in the Driver’s Championship, it may not sound all that breathtaking, but he’s driving a much slower car than his three rivals above him. 

I could honestly write this whole piece on the F1’s, rather I’ll just finish off by saying it is getting mightily boring watching Mercedes win every race. 

I’m a Lewis Hamilton fan, but I’m a bigger fan of competitive sport, and right now with Mercedes being as dominant as they are, it’s really not that competitive. 

The Premier League is back, another sport I have a strong budding interest for but just can’t quite commit to, I am trying though, and I’m enjoying the early season performances of Everton – they certainly got fortunate with VAR against Liverpool though, in my opinion. 

If you play well enough, you make your own luck. 

Retreating back to the AFL Grand Final however, what an unfamiliar event it was, under lights, at the GABBA – I still can’t believe it happened. 

I’ve always been a huge fan of grand finals at the MCG, it’s Australia’s grand stage, a sporting colosseum.

For someone that so often wants the AFL to experiment with their brand, this is one of the very few elements I’ve wanted to see remain untouched, which it will, seeing as they signed that monster contract to keep the big game their until 2057 – I’ll be 62-years-old by then, I wonder if my children and grandchildren will want it to be moved? 

To me it’s pretty clear that the only stadiums in Australia worthy of hosting a grand final are the MCG, the GABBA, Adelaide Oval and Perth Stadium, the SCG is unlucky to miss out but that’s mainly due to its unconventional size. 

As far as a night grand final is concerned, I’ll have to see it again, I want to see it in front of a packed house of 90,000+ people, give it a fair chance, I don’t think we can bare too much judgement on it without seeing the full product. 

Richmond really are remarkable at the moment however, keep in mind they lost their second best player only two seasons into this journey, and they’ve won two premierships since – I wonder if Alex Rance has any regrets? 

Dustin Martin’s dominance is just incomprehensible to me, it feels like only last Tuesday we were saying how Martin is yet to reach his potential, and will he? He dominates in the first half but falls flat in the second?  

Well he certainly has reached that potential, to the value of three premierships and three Norm Smiths. Wow. 

Is this Richmond side up there with the great AFL dynasties? I believe so. 

No one likes admitting it when it’s still fresh, people are now only just starting to give the Hawthorn side of 2013-15 their dues, whilst Brisbane of 2001-03 generally come out on top in these discussions. 

Is it because it happened almost 20 years ago now? People love being retrospective in these arguments, and these great teams tend to age like a fine wine, nothing new is ever as good as what has been. 

I finish this as the Melbourne Storm take a 22-point lead into half-time of the NRL Grand Final. It might be a tough night to be a Penrith Panthers fan.  

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