Cameron backs Giants to perform

Up for the fight: GWS Coach Leon Cameron isn’t worried by the Giants’ poor record at the MCG. (Photo by: Adam Trafford/AFL Media)

GREATER Western Sydney coach Leon Cameron says his team is ‘ready to roll’ for Saturday afternoon’s preliminary final against Richmond at the MCG.

A crowd of around 95,000 people will pack the MCG on Saturday, with around 90 percent of them expected to be Tigers’ supporters, Cameron believes it won’t phase the Giants.

“Rarely in a footy career do you get an opportunity to play in front of 95,000 supporters at the MCG in a prelim final,” Cameron said.

“I see the confidence, I see the level of enthusiasm that they’re ready to go,”

“I don’t think that a bias crowd of Richmond supporters is going to deter them from turning up on the weekend.”

The Giants boast a less than threatening record at the MCG, only winning won game at the home of football since their introduction to the competition in 2012.

Cameron instead expects the Giants to thrive on the big stage and is confident that they’ll be at their best.

“Our record at the MCG in our short period of time hasn’t been the greatest,” he said.

“We have only won one game there, I don’t care about that,”

“I know our guys are looking forward to playing there on Saturday afternoon,”

“I see it in their eyes and when I see that I know they’re going to turn up.”

Cameron wants the Giants to embrace the excitement around Saturday night’s game, rather than lean away from it.

“The build-up of the game is so unique and scrutiny becomes ten-fold compared to a home and away game,” he said.

“It’s going to be huge on Saturday night, I don’t want our players to shy away from it,”

“We’re prepared and ready to roll.”

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